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How long have you been drawing fire system drawings?


We’ve been drawing pre-engineered restaurant fire system drawings for over 25 years and have produced drawing sets for literally thousands of fire system drawings across the United States.

Do your drawings meet my local AHJ’s requirements?


Most likely yes, but that’s not an easy question to answer since we cannot know every specific requirement across the country.  We can tell you that we’ve never been unable to meet the requirements of an AHJ!

If you know that your local AHJ’s has some special requirements that they need before they will accept your drawings, we can most likely accommodate your needs. Please contact us with any special requirements that you may have so we can discuss them.

Our drawings have been used for thousands of kitchen system installation projects from Boston to Southern California – From New Jersey to Florida – all across the US – and in Canada — without a problem.


Why don’t some of the sample drawings on your site print clearly?


Some of the sample drawings are in PNG format are not not PDF’s .   PNG files are graphic files that display well on your screen but are not necessarily intended to be printed

Additionally, the pdf samples on the site have been saved in low resolution mode to allow for quick loading and viewing on your computer monitor.

Be assured that the final drawings you will receive will be in high resolution PDF format that will print crisp and cleanly.

What will I receive from you?


You will be receiving a PDF that typically contains 3 to 5 pages  of “A” size (8.5”x11”) paper that you can print at your office.   PDF’s scale well and the lines will be crisp and clean.

We have and can draw your drawing on other size paper such as “B” (11″x17″) or “C” (17″x22″) or anyhting else you may need. You will just need to be able to print them at your office or at a local print center (Staples, FedEx Office, etc.). 

If you need or want another size drawing please let us know and we can produce what you need.

Can I get the CAD file for the drawing?

No, we do not distribute the “CAD” file or source data for the drawings.

Can you do other types of fire system drawings? Like a Pre-Engineered Dry Chemical Spray booth system?


Yes – Probably. We can discuss any other type of fire system drawing that you may need and provide you a quote for the drawing.

Here’s a link to one of our sample drawings: Pre-Engineered Industrial Fire System Drawing Sample

Can you design the fire system for me?


No. We are not designing the system for you – you need to be able to “design” the system and tell us what type of system you are going to install and what nozzles will be protecting the appliances.

If we notice that you’ve made a glaring mistake we will make an effort to contact you and resolve the issue but we cannot guarantee that we will find errors or be responsible if you’ve made a mistake in the selection of nozzle or coverage’s.  You acknowledge that you are the designer and that is only a drawing service, if the information you provide is incorrect or the drawings provided are not correct, it is your responsibility as the designer to review all documents and correct any errors prior to the drawings begin used for permits or the system installation.

If you need design help or assistance – please contact us and perhaps we can provide a quote for additional work. 


Are your drawings drawn to scale?


No – not usually.  Our drawings are not usually drawn to scale but we do clearly identify the provided dimensions of all appliances and other items on the drawings.

That being said – we can produce your drawings to scale for an slightly higher cost.  Please contact us for more information.